i did out of curiosity and i remember seeing a few things awhile back, and while i agree that they arent necessarily ok, i dont think it makes her an awful person. she’s young and still stupid in a lot of ways, which isn’t ok i get it because she is a role model for young girls, but she’s definitely the type of person to just not really worry TOO much about the things she says. of course i dont know FOR SURE but im relatively certain jlaw DOESNT even realize a lot of the things she is saying are offensive. i dont think she’s flawless and she should own up to anything she’s done wrong, but i also dont think she should be condemned for what are just a lot of stupid human mistakes. she should learn to be more conscientious of what she says, yeah, definitely, but she’s not an awful gross disgusting person. 

and i think it’s really backwards of tumblr to hate on her at the oscars tonight. everyone is playing her up like a jealous angry bitch for not winning supporting actress, when that isn’t what happened at all. and that is what i’m primarily angry about, because she was being so nice and sincere about lupita winning it just doesnt make any sense to me. i think her actions tonight speak indepently of things she has said in the past. (though it doesnt make up for them! all im saying is that in this instance, they shouldn’t apply) 

so, yeah, be aware that she isn’t perfect but also don’t be an asshole and say a bunch of shitty demeaning things about a real human being. 

I haven’t seen a single post about her being jealous or hateful for not winning? Not a single one.

The only thing I’ve seen are tumblr people criticizing other tumblr people for being upset on her behalf for her not winning.

Like there are a lot of tumblr users saying that Lupita didn’t deserve to win, and that’s bullshit.

I also don’t think jlaw is a terrible person! I do think she is human and has made mistakes. The issue is that she has been called out on these mistakes, and continues to defend herself and refuses to apologize.

There’s nothing wrong with liking her - hell, if we weren’t allowed to like people who have made mistakes, then we wouldn’t be allowed to like anyone.

The only issue is that people are liking her and defending her terrible words, saying that it’s not a big deal and people need to let it go.

Which… No. We shouldn’t let it go. She needs to be called out on her mistakes until she apologizes and learns something.

I’m referencing posts that specifically stated something about jlaw pretending to trip again as an attempt to take the attention off Lupita and avert it back towards herself. I wish I still knew where it was. @v@;; That was the post that primarily set me off because it didn’t make any sense :”>

Surprisingly I really haven’t seen that many tumblr people complaining about her not winning! I only follow a lot of people who are really happy Lupita won, so it’s interesting hearing another perspective. The posts I /have/ been seeing are posts that say jlaw is a shitty person, and this one particular image where someone cropped her out of the selfie they took. Not a single one saying they are upset jlaw didn’t win. But I do think it’s shitty that people are saying Lupita didn’t deserve to win. 8( Jennifer had her chance, plenty of them. So I agree, that is bullshit. It’s interesting how I seem to be seeing a totally different side of this or something?

I also wasn’t aware that she refused to apologize. I guess that throws it in a bit of a different light for me. I thought no one called her out on it and were still attacking her anyway, which seemed baseless. But being too stubborn to apologize isn’t going to get her anywhere. :/

But I literally have seen posts saying that jlaw is a gross disgusting individual and condemning people for liking her. It’s all appeared very one sided to me until just now that you’re pointing these things out, so I appreciate it! I just wish other people would think similarly instead of taking extremes. People blindly defending her actions is stupid, but so is equivocating her to human scum. Basically all I want is for everyone to calm down and view things objectively before shoving hate in each other’s faces, regardless of how they feel.


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by ざわめきじゃんぼ

this dub though i’m laughing

i am in photography right now but literally no one is doing anything and our teacher doesnt even imply that we should be working

this class is literally just babysitting a bunch of college students while they screw around on their laptops

College shit

“HOW COULD YOUUUUUUUUUU!?!?!”Rule 63/ Genderbent Legend of Korra characters again now with CRYING!BoLan :CCCAlternative scenario… dunno but I suddenly thought what if instead of crying, BoLan would react in the most opposite way possible, LIKE SHE-HULKING IN ANGER? That would be hilarious but even genderbent Bolin is too much of a sweet baby for that :CCBased on genderbent designs by Miss Minuiko! 



Rule 63/ Genderbent Legend of Korra characters again now with CRYING!BoLan :CCC

Alternative scenario… dunno but I suddenly thought what if instead of crying, BoLan would react in the most opposite way possible, LIKE SHE-HULKING IN ANGER? 
That would be hilarious but even genderbent Bolin is too much of a sweet baby for that :CC
Based on genderbent designs by Miss Minuiko